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2022 Employee Evaluation:

"During this evaluation period, Darrell was tasked with generating a template for the agency's first annual report. The Chief was not exactly sure what he wanted the document to contain or how he wanted it to flow. Without hesitation, he began the process of developing a template for the document, which eventually culminated in a 120+ plus page rough draft for the Chief to rework. This report was statistics heavy and most of those statistics, charts, and graphs were provided by Darrell and his team. The Chief was proud of the end product and I believe it was received well by city council. Darrell's efforts in this process have now provided a workable template for future annual reports and has added to the overall transparency of the organization."

"Throughout this evaluation period, Darrell has written numerous customized SQL queries to mine data for
consortium agencies increasing their efficiency. His expertise in this area is exceptional
and has even resulted in agencies outside our consortium requesting Darrell's help to solve data issues
within their organizations. Abilene PD requested his help in producing a custom Crystal report to capture
daily activity and Darrell was able to assist them. As Abilene attempted to solve this problem, Darrell's
name came up as "the guy" to fix this issue. Darrell is recognized as an expert in this area and his desire
to assist an agency he has no requirement to help, speaks volumes about his character."

"Darrell has spent an exceptionally large amount of time this evaluation period working on the Motorola
proposal. During the initial months, it was determined that a Request for Proposal (RFP) would be
necessary and that RFP was needed in a very short time frame. Without being prompted, Darrell wrote a
comprehensive RFP that addressed the needs of our entire consortium, which consists of 19 law
enforcement agencies, 17 EMS providers, and 18 fire departments. Darrell recognized the compressed
timeframe at play and the distinct challenge of generating a RFP that addressed the concerns, interests,
and diversity of our consortium. As a result Darrell, wrote the RFP over a weekend and presented in as a
"template." Liz Lopresti (League City Purchasing Manager) was shocked when she returned to Monday
morning to a well defined RFP and summed her feelings up by stating, "That is awesome!" Darrell was
not specifically tasked with this RFP, instead, he recognized the critical nature the document played in
the process and acted to ensure the processes continued to move forward within the necessary time
frames. These are but a few examples of Darrell's desire to keep the organization moving forward in a positive

"Darrell manages a consortium of 19 law enforcement, 17 EMS providers, and 18 fire departments. In
FY22, these organizations accounted for approximately 714,608 calls for service, 56,187 offense reports,
29,940 accident reports, and 22,942 arrests. Darrell and his team received, diagnosed, and corrected
195 work orders during this same period. In addition to these numbers, Darrell completed numerous
custom requests for data reports from numerous agencies that required him to write custom code for the
specific request.

A small snapshot of these types of requests are listed below:

  • La Marque PD requested assistance with an internal investigation that require Darrell to write custom SQL Scripts to meet the needs of the internal investigation.

  • Created a customized staffing study for La Marque Police Department that was presented to their council resulting in additional officers. 

  • Webster PD requested assistance with the creation of a drone log on SharePoint that could generate Power Bi reports.

  • Friendswood PD requested assistance with a briefing report, Darrell and his team corrected the issue and Terrie Doyle (FWPD IT Supervisor) responded, “Thank you! I’m gonna miss relying on you guys! I’m serious!” This comment was made in reference to Friendswood’s decision to leave the consortium and run their own system.

  • Texas DPS requested assistance with the crime stats around 3 potential DMV locations in League City, Darrell (within minutes) produced presentation worthy slides for each location for DPS to simply drop into their internal presentations

  • Sugarland PD requested access to “open calls” for their new City Manager, Darrell immediately recognized potential CJIS issues with this request and deconflicted the request and created a dashboard that would provide the necessary information without violating any CJIS requirements.

  • LC’s internal auditor requested assistance with a report dealing with calls for service and response times for presentation to city council, Darrell produced a report and also provided detail context to how the response times were figured, as well as, how and why calls affect the “average” response time.

  • Generated a comprehensive staffing study for La Marque PD and explained the context of the results for full transparency, upon receipt, Chief Aragon responded, “Thank you for your support on this matter.”

  • Has problem solved numerous LCVFD dispatching concerns with the implementation of new FD dispatch protocols, to include the implementation of WestNet station alerting into Central Square CAD.

  • Conroe PD requested assistance with improved data mining of CAD information, Darrell provided a custom SQL Script to meet this request.

  • Built a new fillable Wrecker Permit Application for Christine Meadows. Christine responded, Wow – You’re awesome! It would have taken me all day to redo it, Thank you!”

  • Webster PD requested assistance with tracking reserve officer hours, Darrell wrote custom code to meet this request.

  • Darrell created and coded a completely new Microsoft PowerApps mobile/desktop application for the City's Emergency Operations Team, designed to replace outdated manual data collection processes associated with City FEMA Emergencies. The application allows field users to catalog emergency request, FEMA equipment usage cost, labor cost, and material cost while providing EOC staff with situational awareness during critical events. The custom application will save staff countless hours or manual data entry. He also developed a custom Power BI dashboard to combines this data with real time CAD events giving City officials a comprehensive view of real time emergency operations. Darrell spent many hours developing this solution outside of standard work hours. This is yet another example of how Darrell is able to objectively evaluate complex business practices, think outside the box, and deliver custom solutions to very complex problems. This will allow the City to easily track emergency cost and expedite the collection of Federal FEMA reimbursement funds. No one asked Darrell to develop this solution, but he saw an opportunity to modernize old business practices. 

  • Friendswood PD reached out to Darrell as they prepared to leave the consortium for their own program, they requested assistance in transferring historical data into their new software. Darrell was able to diagnose, troubleshoot, and provide assistance to FWPD that ultimately saved them approximately $75,000 they would have had to pay an outside company to complete this data transfer.

"There is no argument that can be levied that would describe Darrell as anything other than our “resident
expert” in all things related to technology. Darrell is an asset to the organization and the consortium.

Darrell is direct in his speech and values clear and concise communication. He manages his work day
around numerous tasks and works to balance his schedule to provide accurate and timely outcomes. As
a result, Darrell also values the time of others and always seeks to generate timely solutions to other's
issues. Darrell does not stop his workday at 6pm and I have personally experienced him sending email
solutions to consortium members in the middle of the night. Darrell has put down his hunting rifle, while
in his deer stand, to problem solve an issue and get a response sent in a timely manner. Service such as
this clearly demonstrates his desire to care about/serve others, and the priority he places on working
cooperatively with others. Darrell's work ethic is to be respected.

Darrell continues to be tasked with the safeguarding of all data the enters this organization and the
other approximately 54 organizations across the consortium. Darrell is trusted to manage all information
ethically and comply with all state and federal regulations associated with CJIS information
During this eval period, Darrell and his team faced a CJIS audit to determine our compliance. At the
culmination of the audit, Texas DPS determined that once again we were "found to be fully compliant
with the CJIS security policy requirements."

This audit doesn't simply happen. Darrell and his team must ensure not only compliance of our agency,
but compliance for any of the requests for new interfaces from the consortium members that affect the
GRID. As an example, during this eval period, Darrell had to deconflict LaPorte's request to integrate
their new body worn cameras into their software package. The request did not potentially meet the CJIS
requirements for integration due to the body worn camera company not being "vetted" by the State.
Darrell ensured that all information and introductions were made between the State and LaPorte PD so
ensure compliance before the interface was created.

I have no reservations concerning Darrell's integrity or his ethical operation of our systems."

"Darrell is distinctly customer-focused. He treats the consortium as a direct reflection of his capabilities,
and therefore strives for the efficient and effective operation of the system. I think it speaks volumes to
Darrell's dedication that he is responsive in the middle of the night, at dinner, in the deer stand, or any
other environment."


"Darrell is the exemplar of engagement. During the evaluation period, Darrell has spent countless hours
attending meetings, sending emails, creating presentations, examining contracts, dissecting business
models, and addressing consortium concerns in relation to our acceptance and initial transition to
Motorola as the GRID's new operating system. This monumental process has resulted in approximately
54 agencies agreeing on the product and resulted in an initial investment of roughly $10 million dollars
with another $35 million dollars over the next 10 years. This project has consumed Darrell's life over the
past 1.5-2 years. It would have been impossible for a consortium of our size to make this transition if it
were not for the engagement of Darrell and his team. This project alone would be enough, in my opinion,
to clearly depict Darrell's performance in this competency, however, he still performed excellently in
every other task assigned to him during this past year."

"Darrell is the Bureau Commander over the organization's Records Division, which handles most permitting for wreckers and solicitors. Darrell's team continues to operate without issues and with a high level of efficiency. During this evaluation period, Darrell worked to clarify our city's ordinance concerning solicitor permits and
made recommendations to both the Chief and city legal."

"During this evaluation period, Darrell has spent a significant amount of time working to implement
requested dispatch protocol changes for the Fire Department, as well as working to update Geo
Proximity/Unit Recommendation issues within the system to assist with the new protocols. Darrell always makes himself available to any city department requesting his assistance. He assisted the animal shelter with their ShelterLuv software on several occasions by providing advice on how to better utilize it "reporting"

"During this evaluation period, Darrell continued to mentor Jason Durbin, who has become a valued
member of the GRID team. Darrell was also responsible for the selection of a new crime analyst from the
sworn officer ranks. This opening was created by the retirement of Cory Beyer. Darrell worked with the
interested officers to provide "front loaded" training and exposure to the required work to allow the
officers a better understanding of what the position would entail, but also to check potential aptitude.
Darrell ultimately chose a replacement and has begun training him on his new responsibilities.
I trust Darrell is always concerned with selecting personnel that compliment our team and that lend
themselves to increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness."

"Darrell's desire to be precise and accurate has been cited in several other competencies. I trust that any
work product Darrell's personnel are responsible for is vetted by Darrell. I also trust that anything found
deficient will be immediately corrected and the reason for the error will be identified and procedural
corrections will be made."

"Darrell has handled several system outages during this evaluation period. In each event, Darrell
conducted a quick assessment of the issue, determined a course of action, enlisted the necessary help,
and brought about a successful resolution in a timely manner. Most of these instances, were outside of
normal business hours and without hesitation Darrell, regardless of his location, his activity, or family
situation, did what was necessary to get out GRID agencies operational. I have the utmost respect for
the level of importance Darrell places on efficient running of the GRID."

"Darrell continues to provide performance reviews and disciplinary actions in a logical and rational
manner. Darrell does not allow his emotions to overwhelm his logic, and I can count on him to provide
"detached" recommendations based on a 360 degree view of the issue at hand. His communication is
clear and concise and catered to address the specific issue. Darrell takes logical rational approaches to all complaints within his span of control. During this evaluation period, Darrell oversaw 3 internal Officer of Professional Standards investigation affecting 4 of his personnel. Each investigation was completed in a timely manner, and the investigations demonstrated a completeness expected of a professional policing organization. Darrell is not one to seek "punishment" at the first notification of an issue. In many instances, his logical approach allows him to identify "hustle fouls" and use those moments to build his people.

"Darrell and his management team strive to be at the forefront of serve delivery, not only for our
community, but for the entire GRID. Darrell strives to maintain operational compliance with all State and
Federal regulation, as well as, engage in the "best practices" to keep all of our first responder disciplines
safe. Our communications center is the most professional emergency services dispatch in our region and
I would put them against any other in the State. This has much to do with the quality of training our
telecommunicators receive."

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