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2012 Employee Evaluation:

"Darrell is a natural leader and teacher. He conducted research and gathered the necessary statistical data to get four additional staff members add to the communication center. He received a leadership award from the Galveston Police Department for his work efforts related to their GRID implementation and for testimony/investigative work provided during a civil service hearing."

"Darrell revamped the background investigation process, developed an applicant tracking module in the records management software, and training background investigators on how to use the new module. He then automated the reporting process by designing database reports that gathered all the necessary applicant data into a paginated format for chain of command approval."

"Darrell developed new reporting procedures for the animal control division to digitize old paper driven processes during a politically challenging time. His efforts led to more accountability and transparency regarding the delivery of animal control services." The City and elected officials were able to get the necessary information to make policy decisions and facilitate change."

"Darrell developed and completed a jail renovation project for $125,000. He created a 3D scaled model of the construction project that was presented to council and vendors. Darrell revamped and automated the jail paperwork procedures reducing duplications in work and property intake errors. The entire County booking packet was automated as a result of Darrell's work and was quickly used across the county. He also developed new policy and procedures for jail operations and the communication center."

"Darrell implemented new Pro QA Medical dispatching software in the communications center digitizing the handling of medical instructions given by 911 dispatchers and bringing the center into alignment with national standards." 

"Darrell assisted the LaPorte Police Department with the implementation of 100 ipads and the use of new Freedom Mobile Public Safety Software."

"Darrell was asked to help resolve reporting issues with the City's procurement/expenditure card approval process. He developed a reporting process and designed over a 100 advanced database reports then scheduled them by Department to automate the notification and approval process. This was not part of Darrell's normal responsibilities, but he enthusiastically help resolve and issue for the City finance department because he was the only person in the City with these skill sets."

"Darrell implemented new reporting technology across the GRID consortium which included over a 1,000 new analytical reports. The service allowed agencies all over the gulf coast region to automate business reports, receive scheduled reports, and make informed decisions."

"Darrell virtualized the TCIC/NCIC validation paperwork required for mandated reporting with DPS. He implemented a quality assurance program in the jail and he standardized all field training documentation."

"Darrell was asked to revamp, redesign, and implement new employee evaluation process for all civilian and sworn staff. He completed this task over the course of the year and trained staff on the new process."

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