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Police Cars


2013 Employee Evaluation:

"Darrell provides direction to all members of this department. He assists other departments in the City and responds quickly other agencies requiring his skills. He routinely works from home after hours, on the weekends, and on holidays."

"Darrell created supplementals for 4 additional jailers and 1 additional telecommunicator which was approved by council."

"Darrell worked with the public safety vendor and developed a custom cloud based module for field training new applicants. The module is under development and will be completed by the end of the year. This will allow the police department to move away from form based procedures and complete field training documentation in the field, ultimately reducing overtime."

"Darrell was instrumental in preparing the agency for its (CJIS) Criminal Justice Information System audit this year. The agency successfully passed its audit with no problems."

"Darrell helps train new police recruits throughout the year on report writing, evidence procedures, and mobile CAD operations."

"Darrell developed and implemented new web technology this year to automate the registration and approval process for the police department's permitting process. Applicants can now go online, select the appropriate permit, register, and upload the required documentation."

"Darrell met with the Fire Department and City IT to implement new Fire dispatching procedures. He was able to navigate difficult decisions and offer alternative solutions to critical issues impacting dispatch staff."

"Darrell is a problem solver, innovator, and critical resource to regional law enforcement. He is forward thinking and is always looking for ways to improve the delivery of resources and to become more efficient. His job knowledge, vast police experience, and technical skill sets make him invaluable to the agency."

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