Police Cars


2014 Employee Evaluation:

"Darrell handles three of the most important functions related to law enforcement. They are also three of the areas that either a lot can go wrong or the department, hence the city assumes a great degree of liability if not done right. Darrell supervise all shifts of dispatchers, detention officers and the records clerks. He has assistance in this area but the ultimate responsibility rests with him and he provides the exact right touch of leadership and guidance at the right times whether it is positive or negative reinforcement. Darrell   accomplishes his goals and objectives in a timely fashion while still taking care of his people."

"Darrell uses both technology and hands on leadership to define the jobs expected of his employees and to make their jobs easier, but also more accountable. The problem with this evaluation form is the numbers do not go high enough to reflect the amount of experiences and the breadth of that experience that Darrell brings to his job. He also flawlessly continues to improve on work products for both the dispatching methodology and systems in the jail making things more efficient, more effective and also more accountable. The work ethic Darrell brings to the table, if emulated by every other employee at the department would quadruple the work output of the police department."

"Darrell requires no supervision other than exchanging information as needed to accomplish tasks. He is dependable and consistent. Darrell is available even while at home and often during this rating period while
helping to bring Sugarland online with us in OSSI Darrell would complete other issues late at night and still be back at work dealing with Sugarland PD the next day. He spent 6 weeks on-site at Sugarland Police Department implementing transformative technology and new business practices. This is not an occasional event for him. He does this on a regular basis. He keeps everyone informed and gets his tasks completed on time and done correctly the first time."

"Darrell effectively communicates whether it be orally or in writing with his subordinates, peers and supervisors. He is very effective in resolving problems with his communication skills balancing that ability to listen with an ability to communicate clearly what he expects from subordinates at all levels."

"When it comes to solving problems, especially the more difficult ones or ones requiring the use
of technology in a unique and innovative way Darrell has no peer in the department. He is constantly taking the lead and solving difficult problems. As to his decision - making he is always on the mark with sound decisions based on solid reasoning."

"Darrell takes the initiative to solve the problem as a whole and not just the symptoms of the problem allowing it to repeat itself. He does this by looking at the bigger picture and tackling the more difficult root of the problem and not just the minor issue causing the temporary crisis at the moment. As for his resourcefulness Darrell uses whatever he needs to find solutions. He is a master at resourcing all the technology at the departments disposal to find answers to a wide arrange of issues."