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2015 Employee Evaluation:

"Darrell not only does an excellent job with his communication skills, but his position requires someone with his skill set. Among many responsibilities, he manages the law enforcement consortium which requires him to communicate effectively with representatives from all the agencies on our system as well as police executives. On a monthly (if not weekly) basis, Darrell will have to compile emails that are technical in nature and sometimes navigate through sensitive issues. As complicated as these situations may be, he is very professional and concise."

"During this reporting period, Darrell has been involved in and responsible for a number of projects that have required exceptional organization skills. Darrell handled the CJIS audit and he was tasked reinitiating the remote bonding project with the Galveston County Sheriff's Office. Darrell attended monthly meetings and spent countless hours on the phone to get this done. The remote bonding process was successfully reinstituted with minimal issues resulting in roughly a third of the county prisoners having utilized the bonding system."

"Darrell was again tasked with creating a new evaluation instrument for sworn personnel. Darrell met with each division and unit to develop competencies for all of the different positions. He was able to develop a comprehensive evaluation system and create a workflow in Adobe Livecycle to minimize duplication of work."

"Darrell is highly competent and valued Command Staff member. His subordinate staff members speak highly of his management style and capabilities. He provides necessary direction and corrective criticism to get the most out of his staff. He demonstrates true leadership."

"Dure to Darrell's technological skills, wealth of police experience, and leadership capabilities, he is in great demand on a daily basis. He is an expert in database reporting, automated processes to improve efficiency. and gathering critical data necessary to make important decisions. Police executives from around the consortium regularly call him for advice or help with sensitive projects. Darrell is on call 24/7 for assistance and often travels to other agencies to provide on-site training."

"Darrell has been the consummate team player in helping the League City Police Department to achieve its mission and remain a high level professional department."

"Darrell fosters a positive and professional working relationship with other agencies in the consortium, helping them achieve their organizational goals, institute new policing service delivery models, or improving their technological foot print."

"Darrell professionally and compassionately handled four major disciplinary cases this year, One involved the Department's Breath/Alcohol Chemist. Darrell recently took over the unit and realized that the employee was not in compliance with State reporting standards. Darrell worked with the State and the employee until the compliance issues were resolved. Darrell served as a long-time intoxilyzer operator and had many years of experience working DWI's in patrol." 

"Darrell is usually in a perpetual state of trying to anticipate and resolve issues with the public safety software system before they impact other consortium members. When working on the remote bonding project, Darrell too steps to plan for issues before they occurred. With Darrell's law enforcement background from working with Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) in Webster and League City, he was able to lead ang guide Galveston County through this process successfully. Darrell also assisted other agencies with GIS mapping problems and volunteered to have his unit absorb those responsibilities for all agencies in the consortium."