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2016 Employee Evaluation:

"During this reporting period, Darrell has been involved in a number of projects that have required exceptional organization skills. He completed the new evaluation system for sworn personnel which required him to work with other bureau commanders to develop competencies. This was a very difficult and tedious process."

"Darrell started transitioning all consortium agencies to a new HTML based One Solution Mobile CAD system. This replacement MCT software will enhance field operations for uniformed services and equip officers with the newest technology available."

"Darrell also finished the design, training, and implementation of the agency's first on-line Field Training Software for patrol and telecommunications. The system will reduce overtime and enhance the entire consortiums ability to train new police applicants in the field while reducing duplication of work. Darrell also negotiated a deal with the vendor that provided the software to all consortium members at no additional cost because he helped them develop the product."

"Darrell also worked with the vendor and the State to develop a validation process with the Department of Public Safety to automatically upload accident reports to the State's System. This interface reduces paperwork for the officers, handles errors, and allows for better analytics."

"Throughout the year, the FBI has been pressuring States to switch from Uniformed Crime Reporting standards to National Incident Based Reporting Standards. Now DPS is starting to pass that pressure onto Texas agencies. Darrell has stayed in contact with the State to determine if this will actually take place, and if it does, Darrell has positioned the Department and the consortium to be able to respond."

"Darrell is the main point of contact when new agencies want to join the law enforcement consortium. Darrell manages the on-boarding project, agency setup, and trains each agency. This transition for any agency is stressful for everyone involved, and Darrell provides his services in a positive and courteous manner. He meets with police executives, walks them through the process, examines business practices, and addresses any concerns."

"Darrell often hosts site visits from other law enforcement agencies from around the country who are interested in learning about the consortium. They often call Darrell for assistance with business practices, technological issues, or reporting problems."

"At the end of April 2016, Darrell worked with Harris County Sheriff's Department to do a site visit and observe demonstrations of our public safety software packages. Darrell organized and scheduled the entire day and walk one of the largest Sheriff's Office in the Country through all areas of operation. As a result of the demo, Harris County sent members of their real time crime center to attend training directly from Darrell."

"Darrell kept the Department and the consortium updated on State racial profiling legislation that required reporting changes. He worked with the vendor to update required questions and he developed a custom reporting procedure to identify errors in the data. Darrell's continued work on this project helps automate reporting standards and minimize the impact of new reporting standards to uniformed services."

"Darrell is a critical factor in helping the agency prepare for budget each year. He examines all key areas within the agency, provides customized reports, and helps prepare line items./supplementals."

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