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2017 Employee Evaluation:

"Darrell's job responsibilities as the GRID administrator and Commander over the Support Services Division require him to prioritize his tasks on a daily basis. We also have three more agencies, the Port of Houston, La Marque, and Shoreacres working towards joining the consortium in this next fiscal year. Darrell exhibits exceptional planning and organizational skills every time we add a new agency. He has to organize the steps and tasks necessary to bring an agency onto the consortium along with planning training, go-live, and business practices. Darrell has to consider every aspect of public safety to include, processing evidence, reporting writing, emergency call handling, interfaces, internal affairs, jail/arrest data, and analytics."

"In December 2016, the Texas City Police Department went from a stand-alone system to the Consortium. Darrell converted 15 years of their existing data, trained their entire staff, helped develop new inventory procedures for their evidence room,  modernized their case management procedures, and built custom analytics that automated their daily activity reports for patrolman." 

"Darrell also handled two major projects involving the switch from FBI Uniformed Crime Reporting to the FBI's Incident Based Reporting system. This project requires in-depth planning and coordination across regional public safety agencies. It also requires re-training of all public safety agencies participating in the consortium. Darrell met with the Chief's board and kept everyone informed about the planned conversion and any potential impacts. The second project involved legislative mandates associated with the Sandra Bland Act. The legislation significantly increased reporting standards for racial profiling data. Darrell identified a new software module capable of capturing the new data requirements and he worked with the vendor to update the module. Based on Darrell's presentation, the Chief's board agreed to purchase the new module. Darrell made sure the new module and reporting standards were implemented within the legislative timelines. He then created a Power Bi report that automated the entire reporting requirements for all law enforcements agencies in the gulf coast region."

"Darrell is always concerned for his individual employees and it could not have been more apparent in the aftermath of Hurricane  Harvey in August. One of Darrell's employee lost everything in the storm and had no insurance. Darrell provided the information to a number of organizations that has dealt with professionally, and through his efforts, he raised at least $10,000 for the family."  

"Darrell helped the City finance department and City IT department with timeclock issues and scheduling software." 

"Darrell helped Dickinson and Santa Fe Fire/EMS to utilize new mobile technology for responding to calls for service."

"Darrell helped Sugarland Police Department's communication center to resolve complex EMS dispatching and traffic program issues."

"Over the course of this evaluation period, Darrell has dealt with many high stress and conflict resolution matters. His management experience and dedication to cooperation helps resolved the most difficult of situations. The law enforcement agencies on our consortium recognize Darrell as an expert is their business practices and they depend on him heavily to accomplish difficult tasks."

"Darrell helped the Galveston Police Department implement new dispatch call handling technology for Fire and EMS. This technology allows dispatchers to give nationally recognized life saving instructions to callers in a state of medical emergency," 

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