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Police Cars


2018 Employee Evaluation:

"Darrell is constantly improving our reporting processes here at the Department. He always thinks about
how to mine data for reporting when we are considering alternate work methods or new work methods.
He recently created a different method of collecting and organizing all or our organizational data using
Microsoft SharePoint. This will keep us from disseminating information via email and trying to retrieve it
later. An example is crime data, flyers and other such pass along information.
He has also created different dashboards in Powerbi which eliminates the need to run reports against
our data. The dashboards in Powerbi have all the statistical data the Department needs and the date
parameters can be set for anytime period needed. All the data can be gathered from this one location
and the results can be used to better direct Departmental resources to problem areas that have been


These are just a few examples, there are many more, of what Darrell contributes to the organization. He
works independently to develop these tools as no one else in the Department has the skill set needed to
do this type of work."

"He works on his skills and technology during his own time and uses that knowledge to better support
our Department, as well as all the other departments in the Consortium. Darrell has the level of expertise that surpasses that of most of the technical folks employed by the provider of the software used for our RMS (CentralSquare Technologies). Darrell has walked all of these agencies through the process of joining the Consortium, from agencies as small as a 10 person department to agencies made up of thousands of employees (Harris County Sheriff's Office). Darrell is the most knowledgeable person in this area when it comes to the CentralSquare (formerly Superion) products."

"Darrell has worked tirelessly to make it possible for our team to have the capability to identify problem
areas in real time so we can direct our resources appropriately (SharePoint). This is directly related to our
Departmental goals, and will very soon change the way we deliver police services to our citizens.
Darrell has not only assisted every unit in our Department, he has assisted City Hall with response time
audits for Fire and EMS as well as sharing the Department evaluations he created to HR and sharing the
SharePoint technology (that we already pay for) with IT since they were about to pay for a company to do
the same work."

"During this reporting period, Darrell created a matrix for the Chief's Consortium meetings that included
adding an additional person to his team to assist with all the requests that come in from other agencies
so we could continue to provide excellent service. He presented that matrix at the meetings and gave
the Chief's different options for funding. The work was thorough and complete and every Chief knew
exactly what options were being given so a vote could be taken on which way to go."

"Darrell is part of the Command Staff and as such has a voice in the tough personnel decisions that have
to be made. When we are asked to give our opinions to the Chief in such circumstances, Darrell takes
personality out of the equation and gives his opinion of not only what is right, but what is best for the
Department as a whole. His opinion is respected and an important personnel decision is rarely made
without getting his input.


There were several high profile administrative investigations during this evaluation period involving
employees that report indirectly to Darrell and in each case he let the evidence decide the outcome,
regardless of who the employee was, and a fair decision was reached."

"Darrell also addresses internal issues at all hours of the day and night, even when off duty. It is not
uncommon for me to come to work in the morning and see an email from Darrell that he addressed an
RMS issue at 2:00am. I have also seen emails from him telling on duty units to bring their vehicles by his
house during a weekend so he could fix laptop issues without the officers having to down their units.
There are not any other employees I know of in the Department, or the City for that matter, that you can
count on for assistance 24 hours a day but Darrell is that employee."

"Under Darrell's supervision, the Records Division is responsible for all permitting that takes place
through the Police Department to include solicitors and wrecker drivers. Darrell also creates all the PDF's that are on the PD web site that face consumers (permitting, complaint packets, etc.). Without Darrell's technical expertise we would have to pay an outside source to handle these duties."

"Any new technology that we are considering for the Department is assessed by Darrell. As mentioned
previously, he is responsible for us using PowerBi for our data analysis and reports. He has also recently
created SharePoint platforms that we can use to enhance communication between Units of the
Department. City IT was so impressed by his work that they have asked him to share his technological
skills with them so they can use SharePoint as well.

"We are also using Darrell to help us evaluate companies that provide body camera's. During the testing
process of body cameras it is important to have someone that understands video storage capacity and
the differences between cloud based and hardware based capability. It is also important to understand
how the camera system will interact with the in car system and storage capacity.
The technological know how needed to provide this type of information usually has to be provided by an
outside source that has to be paid for. We have an employee, in Darrell, who is capable of analyzing new
technology for our Department and that is just part of what his overall job description entails."

"Darrell is part of the Command Staff and as such assists in the formulation of long term plans, to include
the future growth of the Department, in all areas. Darrell just completed a staffing study for our Department and we are going to use that information to request more personnel in our upcoming budgeting process.
Darrell also assists in planning personnel resources in preparation for Hurricanes or other large events,
such as active shooter events."

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