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2019 Employee Evaluation:

"Darrell is consistently improving our internal information sharing technology as well as our intelligence
gathering and dissemination to improve our efficiency as well as to direct our resources to current issues
within the City. In addition to making continuous additions and improvements to the Microsoft SharePoint platform that we use internally, we have also started using Teams to communicate more efficiently and also to track progress on various projects in the Department. Darrell truly possesses a skill set that is unique in our Department and that creates opportunities that are new and innovative and improve the method in which we conduct business."

"Darrell has also created an atmosphere of excellence in his Unit that oversees the GRID and Crime Analysis function. He has the employees creating high quality, thorough work and they can be counted on to solve the most difficult technological issues that we face."

"Darrell has been instrumental in the implementation of Stratified Policing as the service delivery model
of the Department. He understands and believes in directing our resources to address real issues in our
community that have been identified by verifiable data."

"As a member of the Department's Command Staff, Darrell is relied upon heavily for his input and for the
exchange of ideas that helps in the decision making process. Darrell is also not afraid to raise issues that limit team effectiveness. He is often very vocal about issues and problems within the Department. With his experience and his education, he is usually able to accurately assess behavior that is inhibiting growth (personal as well as Departmental). He often mentors new Lieutenants and Bureau Commanders as they seek his advice in navigating critical leadership issues."

"Darrell is a very responsible steward for his areas of responsibility. He holds himself accountable as well
as any commander I have ever worked with. He is able to accurately self-reflect and is self aware enough to
know exactly how he is being received.

His work is thorough and accurate out of necessity. The reports he and his team create are one of the
forces that drive our resource deployment and he takes that responsibility seriously and has instilled that
in his team.

Because of Darrell's experience and education, he is able to create detailed presentations and reports
that are used through out the City, including by the Chief to the City Administration as well as City

Darrell was also responsible for moving the entire GRID Consortium from UCR reporting to NIBRS
reporting. This was a complicated process because of the notifications, training, deadlines and number
of users involved. Darrell created a detailed plan, including regular due dates, and was able to
implement the change. He then coached his Records Supervisor through the process of manually
changing our internal reporting procedures. The process went smoothly for our Department because of
the attention to detail Darrell gave at the outset of the plan."

"Darrell is also an effective communicator. He teaches and gives presentations routinely. Those
presentations often involve complex material and it is important that he is clear, concise and
understandable. He is able to explain that complex material in a way that is understandable to everyone.
He also uses his experience to know when and how much information to communicate. He knows when
we implement new technology it needs to be at a pace that will be palpable to the Officers on the street,
or they won't engage with it. Darrell knows what it is like to work as a police officer on the streets, so he relates to their thought processes."

"Darrell has oversight over Telecommunications which has an evaluation process that has been built into
the communication center's structure and it demands excellence. He has his Communications
Manager obtain metrics on her staff's call processing times, pro QA medical procedures, and courtesy.
He also oversees the Records Division and has put practices in place that allow the Records Manager to
gather metrics on her employees as well.

Darrell also spends time analyzing and obtaining metrics on the GRID employees. This helps us to see
where they are spending the majority of their time and gives us an opportunity to better utilize our

As mentioned previously, Darrell is a good steward over his areas of responsibility and that always
includes analyzing the work quality, quantity and processes that are in place to see how we can

"Darrell is part of the Command Staff and as such assists in the formulation of long term plans, to include
the future growth of the Department, in all areas. His experience, education and intelligence make him a valuable member of the Command Staff and he has often provided solutions to problems we encounter as a law enforcement agency."

"Darrell spends a lot of time completing employee evaluations. His reports are thorough, thoughtful and
contain specific information that can be utilized by the employee. His reports are also honest. He is able
to articulate deficiencies while allowing the employee to maintain dignity. Darrell accomplishes this by monitoring and documenting employee performance throughout the evaluation and communicating that information to the employee. Darrell is also well versed in disciplinary actions. He does not ignore poor performance or unacceptable activity but addresses it head on. He also understands the role of discipline is not to punish but to change behavior. Over the years that we have worked together, I have found Darrell's decisions
regarding discipline to be thoughtful, fair and well articulated."

"As the Bureau Manager of Support Services Darrell is ultimately responsible for the services delivered by
the Bureau. Darrell has a level of professionalism that ensures that if his Bureau is not performing within
acceptable standards, he addresses it, whether that be with training, instituting new procedures or discipline. He is an experienced leader and can be relied upon to take the appropriate actions as needed with his Bureau."

"As with any organizational change of this magnitude, instituting Stratified Policing has not been without
challenges. It can be difficult to get buy in from line level and even mid-level employees. Darrell has been at the forefront of the change in different areas. He was key in developing the Stratified Policing model that was unique to this Department. He was also key in the development of the policy guiding Stratified Policing.
Darrell was then instrumental in leading meetings with the Patrol Commander explaining the Stratified Policing model to employees. Darrell then combined SharePoint with the Stratified Policing model to stream line and
organize Departmental work activity. The next step on the process will come in the first quarter of 2020 when we will begin to address long term problems that are going to require non-traditional law enforcement approaches to resolve."

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