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2020 Employee Evaluation:

"Darrell constantly looks to improve and streamline processes and information sharing within the agency and our consortium. Darrell’s approach is a proactive one and he strives to fix problems or improve efficiency before issues exist. During this reporting period, he has built over 50 Power Bi dashboards across the consortium to automate reporting standards across the entire region.

During our Hurricane Laura activation, I observed Darrell listen to the process for employee time accountability from city government. The process required handwritten documents that would then have to be tallied individually in a laborious process wasting copious man hours. Darrell, without provocation, build an interactive “real time” accountability document on Sharepoint. The document provided a real time look at not only the hours worked by PD personnel, but the cost associated with those hours. This document will most likely be used in future activations. This task was not required of Darrell, instead, he saw an opportunity to increase efficiency and made it happen. This singular example is characteristic of Darrell’s approach to his position.

Darrell’s knowledge concerning our computer systems and their capabilities are a credit to our organization, our city, and the consortium."

"Darrell is the central hub of all computer information here at our agency. He oversees and understands every aspect of our current and future technological capabilities. In addition to the demands of his position here at the PD, he administers all aspects of our consortium, which is a collaboration of 60+ agencies (police, fire and EMS). This consortium accounts for approximately 628,000 calls for service, 26,000 arrests, 51,000 reports, and 7800 accidents reports annually (FY20). The consortium has between 2800 and 3000 users. With the breadth of this technological footprint comes numerous IT issues and concerns, which all funnel through Darrell for resolution. Darrell routinely rectifies consortium issues after hours and on weekends without hesitation or complaint. I personally have had Darrell respond to my emails, while on vacation in a deer blind, with in‐depth and complete resolutions to my problems. This level of dedication is not often found within many organizations."

"I have not known Darrell to turn someone away if he had it within his capabilities to assist them with an issue. In many instances, with a few keystrokes, Darrell takes what could be an arduous task for someone else and solves their issue within a matter of minutes. In September of this year, LaPorte PD contacted Darrell requesting assistance concerning the data mining of arrest details. Within 13 minutes of receiving the email, Darrell had returned an email with a detailed response along with examples of how to get the needed information. Approximately 4.5 hours later, Darrell had updated the dashboards across the consortium to ensure this problem was not an issue for any other member agencies. This example is not an anomaly, but instead, is indictive of the work ethic and desire to serve our consortium members often exhibit by Darrell. As a member of the Command Staff, Darrell can be counted on to weigh in on personnel issues here at the PD with a unique perspective. He typically brings a more measure opinion based on a varied life experience from other members of the Command Staff. This differing view, in many cases, serves as the impetus for new ideas and enhances the overall decision‐making capabilities of the agency. Darrell is known for facing issues head on and does not hesitate to address issues or concerns that might hinder operational effectiveness."

"Darrell demonstrates a high degree of self‐accountability both personally and professionally. Darrell’s position is a data driven role and there is no room for error in the handling of law enforcement sensitive information. To this end, Darrell demands a high degree of accuracy from himself and those in his team. As the overall steward of the consortium, Darrell routinely addresses issues and concerns with degree of accuracy and thoroughness that is second to none. Darrell’s familiarity of the consortium’s technological capabilities allows him to easily dig into the proverbial “weeds” to provide well thought out, progressive and beneficial resolutions to any given problem."

"Darrell can be counted on to appropriately allocate all resources within his Bureau during critical incidents or natural disasters. During the Hurricane Laura activation, members of the dispatch management team were present for every briefing and actively engaged with Operations to ensure that all key personnel were work toward the same goal. This activation was one of the smoothest activations due to the teamwork demonstrated across Bureau lines. Darrell was a large part of helping with that transfer of information."

"Darrell has implemented clear SOPs, operational expectations, and task‐based directives to ensure efficient operational practices in the dispatch center. To this end, Darrell has a management team in place to ensure adherence to these expectations. When expectations are not met, Darrell oversees the corrective actions and/or discipline that is necessary to mitigate or eliminate future missteps."