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2021 Employee Evaluation:

"Darrell has continued his desire to make data more accessible and user friendly. I am consistently amazed at how easily Darrell and his team can produces accurate and easily understood information in short time frames regardless of the data requested. During this evaluation period Darrell has:

  • Provided access and custom Power Bi dashboards to the new FD administration to assist with the tracking of real time response times, call for service, etc.

  • Built a submission and tracking report for facility maintenance issues 

  • Researched and built the agency’s 2020 Racial Profiling Report, Darrell then completed the same task for several other GRID agencies to assist their administrations such as Texas City, and Santa Fe

  • Recognized the need for and built (without request) a CAD interface for the PD getting the Axon BWC

  • Recognized and deconflicted possible long term strategic planning issues with a potential grant the City IT and FD were applying for 

  • Recognized, researched and provided solutions for potential CJIS violations with officers using a variety of communications platforms to share CJI

  • Built a response time analytic for EMS to provide them real time reports

  • Collected, organized and maintained tracking of costs associated with the Walter Hall COVID Vaccination Site details

  • Researched, built, and delivered a “Performance Based Approach to Police Staffing and Allocation” report to Texas City PD (while this was a very professional report, it is noteworthy that Darrell completed this report and provided it to Texas City during his “off time” to make sure Texas City had it in a timely manner

  • Research, developed, and delivered a Power Bi “Charging” dashboard to Nassau Bay and Lakeview PDs to replace their antiquated method of manually figuring this information

  • Assisted Georgetown PD by designing a custom report and writing SQL Script that would produce historical data pertaining “resisting arrest” cases (The requesting analyst responded, “Thank you. That worked. You saved me again.”)


These are a few of Darrell’s contributions to the organization and city during this past year. Darrell’s knowledge of our computer infrastructure and what data is available is second to none. His work ethic and drive to be on the cutting edge is a credit to our organization."

"As a new member of the command staff, I have come to trust and value Darrell’s understanding of our operational processes, as well as his opinion on the future of the agency. He is always measured in his approach and his input."

"Darrell can be counted on to always be looking forward and to proactively solve issues. His management and service to the consortium are top notch. As mentioned previously, Darrell completed the 2020 Racial Profiling Report for the PD. Darrell prepared an exceptional document in a clean, detailed, and professional format. Upon completion, a few agencies reached out for help with their racial profiling report. Darrell worked to generate to same level of report for those consortium agencies to assist in the
professionalization of their individual process.

During this eval period, La Marque’s Chief K. Jackson, reached out to Darrell and requested guidance and assistance for developing a real time “crime stats” report that could be placed on La Marque’s website. Darrell built a professional product for La Marque that was in essence a “plug and play” solution. Chief K. Jackson summed it up by stating, “Thank you so much Darrell. This will help me a lot. “

Another example of Darrell’s organizational abilities and commitment to detail‐oriented reports was a request from the city’s internal auditor concerning PD response times for presentation to a sitting councilman. Darrell had several communications with the auditor to clarify what exactly she was wanting to ensure an accurate work product. At the conclusion of the conversation, Darrell provided a thorough and complete response in a very short timeframe. The auditor’s response speaks volumes concerning what her expectations were and what she actually received. She stated, “Wow. This is impressive. Thank you!”

Darrell was also task with numerous data collection, correlation, and presentation tasks during the development of a contract that would have League City take over the dispatch and jail operations for Kemah. Darrell developed a process to figure, track, and project the direct, indirect and fixed costs of taking over those operations, but he then worked those figures into a true “increased workload percentage” to accurately reflect the increased financial burden the city might shoulder. In the end, the contract did not go through, but Darrell’s input was vital to a realistic and accurate process. Darrell and his team have worked this entire eval period (and more) to vetted, test and recommend a potential vendor to replace all of our operational software. This process has been an arduous and tedious event. Darrell’s attention to detail has found numerous pricing and product issues that were able to be corrected long before becoming contractual problems. Darrell has spent countless hours “off duty” combing through volumes of information to ensure that the promised products and capabilities actually meet our current and future needs, not only as an agency but also at the consortium level. Darrell is an essential member of our team and his knowledge base and dedication to excellence are

"As mentioned in a previous evaluation, Darrell is the custodian of all data that enters our organization and the consortium. All the information is regulated or restricted in some form or fashion. Darrell has always demonstrated the utmost care and attention to safeguarding the data he is entrusted to manage. During this evaluation period, Darrell and his team have prepared for and passed a CJIS audit that indicates our adherence to all regulated security protocols for the handling of Criminal Justice Information.

In preparation for this audit, Darrell found that some officers and detectives were communicating CJI across some platforms that were not within CJIS standards, thus creating an issue for the organization. Darrell immediately began work to research, vet, and offer solutions to this recognized problem. Darrell’s attention to detail and desire to maintain operations within the CJIS directives quelled a potential issue before it affected the organization and potentially the consortium. Darrell is trusted and counted upon to always do what is right, ethical, moral and just."

"Darrell and his team have spent countless hours researching, vetting, and demoing numerous software companies to replace our aging antiquated Central Square system. This process has been monumental to say the least due to an entire consortium relying on the work and expertise of Darrell and his staff. I truly do not believe we could have approach this large of an endeavor without Darrell’s knowledge base and technological savvy. Darrell has been essential to calling into question numerous aspects of the vendors’ presentations and claims to keep the vendors as “honest” as they can be in their sales pitch. Without Darrell’s understanding and historical knowledge of such systems and how they work together, many of these claims would have gone unnoticed. I am impressed with Darrell’s ability to understand how so many different systems work together to produce our agency’s overall software package."

"During this evaluation period, La Marque PD had an officer involved shooting that generated community action and demands for police accountability. During this process, Darrell assisted La Marque PD with building a real time crime stats report that could be accessible on La Marque’s website. Darrell’s efforts and professional work product assisted La Marque in the transparency of their operations and help to relieve stress during this turbulent incident."

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