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Police Cars


2010 Employee Evaluation:

"Darrell is constantly assisting and helping other units within the Department. His involvement is critical to their success. For example, He helped develop an (IRA) Immediate Resource Allocation program and he implemented plate-scan technology which also integrated with the municipal court's warrant records." 

"Darrell conducted onsite records management and analytics training for Santa Fe Police Department, La Porte Police Department, Deer Park Police Department, Pearland Police Department, Webster Police Department, and Galveston County Sheriff's Office."

"Darrell developed an employee improvement program to address long standing performance issues."

"Darrell revised and revamped department policies for the League City Communication Center and developed a reserve officer program."

"Darrell developed the Department's neighborhood crime watch program, developed the social media policy, and he also revamped the Department's Internal Affairs reporting procedures. He also resolved long standing Uniformed Crime Reporting issues preventing timely submission of stats to the Department of Public Safety." 

"Darrell developed and implemented a quality assurance program for Emergency Communications that conforms with national standards. The program identifies areas that need improvement in the delivery of public safety communications and call handling procedures."

"Darrell developed racial profiling reporting procedures that allowed the Department to more accurately capture required data for State mandated annual reporting."

"Darrell often helps new officers with filing charges in Harris County after hours. He worked in Harris County for years and has vast experience as former detective. He often remotes in and walks officers through the process of filing charges electronically and developing their probable cause affidavits."

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