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Michael Kramm

Retired Police Chief &

Assistant City Manager

City of League City

"I have a respectable, intelligent, honest, and truly capable candidate to vote for in an election.  Kelemen for Galveston County Sheriff!"

Arnold Moreno

Retired Police Captain

City of Dickinson

"Had the distinct pleasure of working with Darrell for many years and he was an absolute “Rock” in the technical support area in Law Enforcement, solid family man and professional work friend. I couldn’t be more excited about backing such a great professional. Darrell’s experience and personal can do approach is just what Galveston County needs right now ! Vote Kelemen for sheriff!!"

Rusty Lovel

Law Enforcement


Military Veteran

"With a thirty-year career in law enforcement and in the United States Marine Corps combined there have been only a handful of people in my life that that I would vouch for and Darrell Kelemen is one of them. I have worked with him, for him, and alongside him for over twenty years. He is a proven leader, dedicated to innovation, technology, and making data driven decisions. He is very intelligent and succeeds with everything he does. He has experience in every aspect of law enforcement including police field operations, investigations, emergency management, dispatch center management, and information technology. Darrell's commitment to working with other law enforcement agencies has had a profoundly positive impact on agencies in the gulf coast region. He has strong conservative values and believes in accountability and doing things right. He has a proven record of dedicated service, and has my full endorsement to be the next Galveston County Sheriff."

Pete Bacon

Veteran Law Enforcement Officer

Galveston County Resident

"As a 29-year law enforcement veteran and longtime resident of Galveston County, I recognize the substantial need for the Galveston County Sheriff's Office to modernize its operations and optimize its delivery of services to the county. I believe that Darrell Kelemen is the right candidate to transition the Sheriff's Office into a modern, accountable, transparent, and efficient law enforcement agency. Darrell is uniquely positioned and talented to provide strong leadership to the Sheriff's Office as Galveston County continues to grow and prosper. Darrell is not a politician or a yes-man, but rather an intelligent, energetic, and highly capable law enforcement leader. He has my vote and full confidence. "

Cory Beyer

Retired  Detective/Analyst

League City Police Department

"My name is Cory Beyer. I am a retired police officer who dutifully served Galveston County and League City for 23 years. I began my law enforcement career as a corrections deputy in the Galveston County Jail in 1999. I worked nights in the Jail for almost three years. I later transferred to the GCSO patrol division where I worked in Bolivar and then in Dickinson for about five years. In 2006 I moved to the League City Police Department where I worked in the Criminal Investigations Division for 15 years as an analyst and an investigator. Prior to being in law enforcement, I was an airborne infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division for four years and in the Texas National Guard for two years. I have spent much of my life dedicating myself to the citizens of Galveston County. 

I am offering to you my full and heartfelt endorsement of Darrell Kelemen for Galveston County Sheriff. 

I’ve often joked that Darrell is the most influential law enforcement official the public has never heard about. I can make this joke because Darrell was my supervisor for many years. We worked on many projects in that time. For instance, many of you may not be familiar with the Gulf Regional Information and Dispatch (GRID) consortium. There are about 60 law enforcement, EMS, and fire agencies using GRID resources, which is an amazingly complex network of hardware and public safety professionals.   The GRID consortium is the central nervous system for all the public safety agencies confined to an area about 1/3rd the size of Connecticut. GRID ranges from Sugar Land, the Port of Houston, UTMB Galveston, almost all the Galveston County agencies, all the agencies around Clear Lake, and many more. The group is one of the largest consortiums seen anywhere in the United States. Darrell has been the single most important person responsible for the GRID’s ever-growing size and consistently high performance. GRID has been one of the most transformative endeavors for public safety in Galveston County and the surrounding areas since it began almost 15 years ago.

Darrell has all of the front-line officer experiences you’d hope for in a leader. He also has all of the experiences of a well-rounded executive you’d hope for in a leader. He’s gained these experiences by managing every one of the major components in a modern police department, from the patrol division, to dispatch, jail, and the records and support division. There likely isn’t a public safety problem Darrell hasn’t encountered and experienced from the perspective of each one of these important public safety components.  

Darrell is an expert in all things related to law enforcement management and operations. I do not make this statement lightly. His experiences as a leader have been magnified by his management of the GRID which has put him at the forefront of all modern policing problems. His telephone provides a constant stream of calls from the most highly regarded public safety leaders in Galveston County, the Greater Houston area, and from around the country. I’ve travelled with Darrell across Texas to teach public safety classes to executives. I’ve witnessed police chiefs from around the county call Darrell for advice. I’ve seen Darrell barter with vendors to get the best possible pricing on multi-million-dollar technological purchases. I’ve worked with Darrell as he brought police operations in line with superior service delivery models and law enforcement Best Practices.  His attention to detail would make a bomb technician jealous. I know Darrell believes in public transparency and he holds the ideals of democracy and due process as the ultimate objective and goal.

Trying to summarize all of what I know and experienced with Darrell into words is incredibly difficult. None of what I’m saying fits on a bumper sticker very well and that’s because running a professional and modern law enforcement agency doesn’t condense easily. So, don’t take my word for it. I’d ask you to speak with all the Chiefs of Police in the GRID Consortium. Ask them this one question- “Which candidate for Galveston County Sheriff has been to your agency more times to assist with organizational structuring, problem-solving through evidence-based policing, the improvement of service delivery models, or the purchasing of transformative technology?” There’s only one answer; Darrell Kelemen."

Mike Jez

Retired Police Chief and City Manager

Galveston County Resident

"It is my pleasure to offer my endorsement for Darrell Kelemen for Sheriff of Galveston County.


I first met Darrell when I accepted the Police Chief position in Webster, Texas.   During my tenure I found Darrell to be a phenomenal police officer.  His cognitive abilities and mastery of change management far surpassed most of his peers.  Later, when I accepted the Police Chief position in League City, I recruited Darrell for a managerial position within the agency.  I’ve served as a police chief in Alvin, Denton, Webster, and League City and city manager in Denton and Webster and have never taken an employee from one city to another until Darrell Kelemen! I did so because I recognized his tremendous skills and superb analytical capabilities.


Kelemen has the innate ability to be the first to identify the needs of a complex organization, envision a plan, and unleash the power of a team to operationalize the plan.


In short, Darrell Kelemen is a leader of leaders who can modernize the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office. I urge you to vote for him."

Cameron Noakes

Retired Police Captain League City PD

Galveston County Resident

"I worked for many years with Darrell at League City PD. Darrell was instrumental in bringing the newest cutting edge technology and data driven police service delivery models to practice at LCPD. He also leads the GRID Consortium, networking and bringing this technology to other Departments in various municipalities and counties across the state. His leadership and knowledge in modern, data driven policing has helped Administrators across Texas bring the citizens and stake holders within these various jurisdictions the Best Practices that modern policing has to offer. He’s one of the hardest working professionals in law enforcement I’ve ever known, and I’m proud to offer my endorsement for him as Sheriff for Galveston County"

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